Unseen Threads: A journey of Courage

Unseen Threads: A journey of Courage

Unseen Threads A journey of Courage

Director: Suborna Senjutee Tushee

Category: Development

Country:  Bangladesh



An engaging documentary film that delves into the remarkable lives of two individuals who have dedicated themselves fighting for justice & freedom.



Unseen Threads: A Journey of Courage" is the film to depict the life of two celebrated politicians and freedom fighters- NoohUlAlamLelin and KaziRokeya Sultana Raka, both of them got involved with the political activities since their early school life. They both were married politically in 1976. The history of liberation war and Bangladesh also has been travelling along with their life till today. We are going to explore- their life to discover untold history which they didn’t tell to anyone yet except to their daughter and besides being politicians how they were parents of two daughters as well as partners together! Aboveall "Unseen Threads" is a testament to the enduring power of personal stories and the profound impact that ordinary individuals can have on shaping our collective history. Through this film, we hope to inspire a renewed sense of connection, compassion, and empowerment among viewers, fostering a deeper understanding of the intricate threads that bind us all together.



Director’s Statement:

I rarely saw my father as a child. I grew up with my mother and grandmother. Suddenly my father would come and my mother would send me to my grandmother. So I was very angry with my father! On the other hand, when I came home, I would question why the fish package was given to my father! Grandmother used to pat my father's head all the time, I was very pride of it. When I remember now, I only laugh - what a jealous father! I am now in my forties - but I still think that I couldn't do it. Because I can never fulfill their dreams. After studying film, I returned home and saw that my father's dialysis had started. My strong mother is walking slowly - chest pounding. It seemed that their words were not known. As far as I know, it was not said. So I started recording the stories of their political life with the camera close at hand. In the hope that if someone ever wants to know their story, the record can be provided. And preserved, our true history, in their mouths.


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