The Land of Displaced

The Land of Displaced

Land Of The Displaced

Director: Kirsty Wells & Fayed Masud Khan

Producer : Shariful shaon

Category: Development

Country: Bangladesh



A Refugee, an Indigenous Farmer & a shrinking population of elephants trapped in an impossible battle; fight for land, freedom & a place to call home.



Kutapulong, the world’s largest refugee camp. The site lies along one of Asian elephants’ main migratory routes between Myanmar and Bangladesh. Elephants are a critically endangered species in Bangladesh. In the past they relies on richer feeding grounds in Myanmar to survive the dry season. But since Rohingya influx, as they ventured along their former migratory paths, they were confronted with refugee camp. Yusuf lives in the refugee camp, who confronted elephants and now working with a task force to prevent attack in the camp. The TF prove themselves capable of stopping hungry elephants from breaching the camp perimeter. Now lacking sufficient food in the forest, the elephants enter nearby villages every night, with disastrous consequences. Kaencharam, an Indigenous farmer from one of these villages has experienced attacks now trying to save his village.

Through no fault of their own, Kaencharam, Yussef and the elephants are trapped in a 3-way battle for land, safety and freedom.


Director’s Statement:

With a background in zoology and a focus on natural history projects, I am captivated by the delicate balance between human and the natural world. My earlier film, "Driving Elephants," explored human-elephant conflict in Bangalore, deepening my understanding of the relationship between communities and endangered wildlife. Now, I am compelled to shed light on the intertwined stories of Kutapulong refugee camp and critically endangered Asian elephants. This documentary will illuminate their shared struggles, revealing the profound consequences of displacement and conflict for both sides. Through personal narratives & visuals, I aim to foster understanding and empathy. This project is a call to action, urging viewers to recognize the ripple effects of our actions and engage in conversations about coexistence, conservation, and innovative solutions. Together, let us explore the interconnectedness of our world and work towards a harmonious coexistence.



350000 USD


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