The Erosion

The Erosion

The Erosion

Director : Anusree Roy

Category: Development

Country: Bangladesh


The river destroys the slowly built settlements in no time by its erosion. People are torn apart. The balance of environment, ecology is broken down.



In our philosophy, one bank is broken and another bank is built, this is the game of the river. Our river Nabaganga plays the same game. When I was a little girl, the river was far away from our house, now it has come closer to the house! Our village is Debipur of Narail district. This river flows continuously with the happiness and sorrow of the people of the village since ancient times. Flowing river water is the main part of life and livelihood of people here. My village Debipur was very bigger area when I was a child, now the village is about to disappear due to river erosion. My family and other families spend their days in uncertain apprehension, when will everything end? When the water in the river rises during the monsoons, the river begins to swallow everything in a terrible manner. Erosion of the river takes away people's unborn habitations, houses, livelihoods. People are torn apart, separated and gone! The river breaks, the relationship breaks down.



Director’s Statement:

Most of the people on the banks of the Nabaganga river are dependent on agriculture. This river has been playing a major role in their livelihood for ages. But from the year 2000, erosion started in the Nabaganga river. The queues of displaced people in the city continued to grow. Some people want to build a house elsewhere in the village and try to live there again. There again the river struck too. People become jobless, their livelihood becomes difficult. The rural economy collapsed and poverty continues to grow. At the same time, the environment is collapsing, the ecosystem, the food chain is also collapsing. For about 22/23 years, in the same way, the erosion of this Nabaganga river has submerged our village. And after a few years the existence of these villages will be erased from the land forever. Hundreds of families along the Nabaganga river have been affected and esperately sitting on the road. This film is my attempt to tell the story of people who have become rootless.


45000 USD

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