Summer in Shizuoka, Winter in Dhaka

Summer in Shizuoka, Winter in Dhaka

Summer in Shizuoka, Winter in Dhaka

Director: Zakir Hossain Raju

Producer: Piplu R khan

Category: Development

Country: Bangladesh


A self-exploring Japanese-Bangladeshi girl trails her mother’s journey while a Bengali man in Tokyo tries to be happy with his second Japanese wife.



This film intertwines two characters roaming in inter-Asian contexts—in Tokyo, Dhaka, Shizuoka and beyond. Yurika (35), a Hafu, doing PhD in Japan remembers how her late mother transformed from a Japanese girl to a Bengali Housewife in 1970s-80s Bangladesh. By tracking her mother, Yurika also reveals her challenges through her two marriages as well her single motherhood in today’s Tokyo. Alongside Yurika, the film follows a Bangladeshi man, Rakib aka Naoki Abe (55), also a resident of Tokyo for three decades. He married a Japanese lady Tayeko in 1992, with whom he later got separated. Today he spends family time with Hitomi, his second Japanese wife and two Hafu children—Rahid and Reiyan. After facing some crisis, he is now struggling to start his new business venture in Japan. Taking a close, intimate look at the lives of Yurika and Rakib and their families, this film plans to portray their everyday triumphs and tribulations to make us closer to the lived world of ‘global citizens’


Director’s Statement:

I have been engaged in observing inter-Asian family for around three decades. I always tried to locate Asia as a cultural space, where lives reflect transnational intercultural relationships. That is why, I want to make this new film to tell the stories of Yurika, her mother, Rakib and his ‘hafu’ children. I will candidly present the everyday events of these inter-Asian citizens and children in today’s Tokyo. I got a chance to observe these ‘protagonists’ in 2022 when I was serving at Waseda University. I wish to position the two characters of this narrative: Yurika and Rakib as connected through their own journeys which are based on their parental and marital relationships to two different national spaces- Japan and Bangladesh. Creating a diegetic world on screen in which we will see the protagonists to search and suffer through their lives, I shall try to make us closer to the lived realities of these two transcultural citizens in today’s rapidly globalizing and commercializing world.



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