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Jogonmay Paul

Project Name: Insights of Relation

Director’s Name: Jaganmoy Paul, Bangladesh


In Search of the insights or definition of a relationship through the experience of divorced persons, to break the social taboo and unfold the untold stories.


This documentary is the story of those people who loved, married, and then break up their relationship. During this journey, they faced a different era of time. The affair life, family life after that single life, the hard time they passed. They have dealt with the ridiculous attitude of friends, family, society as well as relatives when they got separated from their beloved ones. Most of them are shown their backside which was very close once. But human beings are not born to stop, though society suffers from the created limitations, they turn back, fight and life goes on. Nothing can stop them. Life is big and better than the toxic time.

Director’s Statement

Every hour a divorce is happening in Dhaka city, where 70% of them are women! In Bangladesh, the Bureau of Statistics shows that in the last seven years (2013-2020) the number of divorces has been raised to 35% than before.

Every hour…? Isn’t it alarming? Maybe, maybe not?

This news strikes my memories of when some of my closest friends and relatives are going through this situation. They loved each other, married, and then divorced. The people who are highly appreciated became the dust! What ridiculous! They felt floating! They felt no one! No one means no one! Women are more vulnerable than men! Neighbors, relatives, and society point the finger at the divorced woman and her family. Men are on the safe side, though they suffer too. The patriarchal attitude of the society gives the worst impression to the people who are getting divorced. Till now they are carrying the experiences they faced from their near family and society. There is no age, religion, or class. Everyone has a story about this experience. Through their experiences, searching the insights into relationships is a key objective of my visual story. As well as their way of enjoying life by fighting back to the track they rebuild for their own.

Every human being has the right to choose their way of life. They have the freedom to enjoy their life. No one can put a color mark on their dignity. They have no right to judge.

This documentary film is the statement of the socio-personal experience of men and women who are getting or giving a divorce, understanding relationships along finding the source and propagation of this social taboo.

This observational documentary film will focus on the experiences, not the person.


This documentary film will be observational. I will follow my characters day to day life and shoot their experiences. The characters are based on different ages, religions & classes.

Like Diana (32), lived in Dhaka city, and studied in a missionary school. She loved her boyfriend at the age of 14. Then they married each other and spent 15 years together. She gave divorced her partner 3 years ago.

Rakibul (36), lived in Meherpur, an eastern city of Bangladesh. He married his cousin under pressure from his family. But only a few months they spent together and then divorced.

Sabiha (26), an entrepreneur lived in Dhaka. She fled to Chittagong with her boyfriend at the age of 16 to marry. After 6 years of conjugal life, she realizes that her husband cheated on her. Then she backed to her mother’s home, with three and half years old boy. After that, she gave divorced.

Anita (54), lived in Jamalpur. Her marriage was arranged by her family. For only a few months she stayed at her husband’s house. Then she separated in 1986. (Separated because as per Hindu marriage law there was no provision to give divorce)

All the subjects’ life circles, their affairs life, family life after that single life, and the hard time they passed will be shown. The experiences will showcase their fight back into the way of life and the taboos they faced from society and their relatives.

This film will not only run on an interview basis, rather than the visuals are more focused. Some of my characters have a reservation to show their face to the camera, in that case, audio will be captured and the visuals will be portrayed metaphorically. Some archival documents- like photos, sketches, and animated memories and the effect sound will be created to feel the situation.

End of the film audience can participate with their perception of that issue. They can realize the social reaction toward divorce, the deception of the relationship, and redefines its meaning. The perception exists in society re-examined and looking forward on different roads.


Director/Producer’s Profile

JAGANMOY PAUL is a human rights filmmaker, scriptwriter, and theatre activist in Bangladesh. His specialization has been enhancing Human rights culture in Bangladesh through audio-visual media and cultural activism since 2006. He obtained a master’s degree in Human Rights Law from Dhaka International University and a Post Graduate Diploma in filmmaking from Bangladesh Cinema and Television Institute (BCTI) under The Ministry of Information & Broadcast in Bangladesh.

Last six years he has been involved in some projects to make documentary and fiction films based on Gender-based violence, Human trafficking, VAWG, Urban poverty, Migrant workers’ rights, and women empowerment.

Production Plan

Research: October 2021- September 2022

Pre-production: October 2022- November 2022

Location Racy: November 2022 – December 2022

Production (shooting): 25-30 days (January 2023-June 2023)

Post Production: July 2023- September 2022

First Cut: October 2022

Background Music, Sound Design, and mixing: November 2022- December 2023

Final Cut: January 2024

Premier: 14th February 2024

Distribution & Outreach: February 2024-June-2024


30000 US Dollar

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