The final selection of Participants with the project is done. Please find below the list of participants whose project has been selected for the 4th edition of Dhaka DocLab.

South Asian Category:

  1. Chronicles of Pandemic : Rawyan Sayema (Bangladesh)
  2. Exit : Sumira Roy (India )
  3. Of Roots, Rebels & Memories : Debalina Majumder (India )
  4. Ghost Boat : Tanim Yusuf (Bangladesh)
  5. They Call Her Mafia : Kushal Batunge (India )
  6. Dreamers Don’t Use A Full Stop : Tahrima Khan Tonni (Bangladesh)
  7. Higher : Asmita Sirish (Nepal)
  8. Jute Days of Our Life : Istiak Mahmood Shaon (Bangladesh)
  9. 'AFloat' : Arkus (India)
  10. An Insignia of a Forced Winter : Azimesh Saha (India)
  11. Prabha on the road to Delhi : Vinita Negi ( India) ( Waiting List)

Asia Pacific Category: Asia Pacific Pitch is organized in collaboration with DOC Edge Festival (New Zealand)

  1. 2D LOVE : Abigail Egden (New Zealand)
  2. Pacific Mother : Katherine McRae (New Zealand)
  3. Shh…Diam : Yih Wen Chen (Malaysia)
  4. Writing on The Wall : Aditi Sharma (India)

Work in Progress / Rough Cut Projects 2020

    1. Metamorphosis : Sankhajit Biswas (India)
    2. My Cousin: Sumon Delwar (Bangladesh)
    3. My Cousin: Sumon Delwar (Bangladesh)
    4. Waiting For Love: Farha Khatun (India)
    5. All for My Sister : Maibam Amarjeet Singh (India)
    6. 136: I Act Rohingya : Saiful Haq Omi (Bangladesh)

List of Observers 2020

Amina Akhter (Bangladesh)* Suvra Shishir Roy (Bangladesh)* Ali Haidaer (Pakistan)* Rahat Karim (Bangladesh)* Nishat Jahan Nafisa (Bangladesh)* Habib Qasimi (Pakistan)* Razi Uddin (Pakistan)* Nida Mahbub (Pakistan).

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