Project Name: Asharu

Project Name: Asharu

Project Name: Asharu

Director Name: Buddhadeb Barman

Country: India

Category: Development



Asaru , a transgender performs folk dances, songs and acts that are indigenous to the people of his community (Rajbanshi Tribe).



Asaru can dance, sing and even act. He is a folk performer from Darjeeling, India. He belongs to the Rajbanshi community. Asaru performs in the streets and also in stages to earn bread for his family. Asaru lives with his brother and mother. Asaru started performing folk songs and dances at a very young age. He took the responsibility of his family on his own after his father expired. Unlike many other people Asaru's life is not ordinary. This documentary overviews his journey as a trans person, his performances, his personal life, his journey through fatherhood and most importantly his journey of accepting himself as a bisexual.



Director’s Statement

In the initial days in my career, I had never thought of making a film on a social issue like this. But as I grew as a person, I found out the social stigmas associated with the transgender community. However, the trans community in cities have now been provided with many privileges, there has been general awareness among the people about them. It’s not only a matter of their sexuality now but this cannot be a barrier in anyone’s professional as well as personal life. However, in small towns and villages like mine people are not aware of the rights of the trans community. They are still treated as a social taboo and it is more difficult for them to accept this community. With this film I have tried to capture the life of a performer folk artist, his contribution in preserving the art and culture of my indigenous community. The main protagonist is having been tried to show as a human being first, the difficulties he has faced so far in this profession as a trans person.