Profane Water

Profane Water

Profane Water

Director: Md. Abid Mallick

Producer: Md. Assaduzzaman

Category: Development

Country: Bangladesh


Coastal women in southern Khulna suffer from skin diseases and endure mental and physical agony due to salty water and climate change impacts.




Bangladesh, particularly Satkhira's island area, is severely affected by climate-induced disasters. Our documentary showcases the alarming impact of climate change on Gabura union. The people face extreme water shortages, health issues, and limited educational and medical facilities. We shed light on their struggles and the profound impact of climate change on their lives.


Director’s Statement :

The main theme of my documentary is how climate change is creating an enormous crisis of women and girls before and after marriage. We'll focus mainly on the social, mental and physical condition of the victims. Their regular life is getting hampered day by day. In the southwestern deltas, many women are compelled to remove their vital organs due to excessive usages of salty water .

As a result, they are going to lose their happy and healthy lifestyle. Three or four women will be the main characters of the documentary. One is unmarried, another is married and the other one is divorced. Due to excessive salty water because of the climate change their consequences are getting dangerous. Day by day the situation is getting uncontrollable and every day and night is going to be a nightmare. Their life is getting to be a cursed life. But there is no beacon of hope.



35000 USD


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