Director: Kazi Arefin Ahmed

Category: Development

Country: Bangladesh 


The story explores the enduring bond of a family separated by migration, revealing the power of love and resilience.



Opekkha delves into the lives of a family torn apart by thousands of miles, grappling to bridge the chasm created by immigration. The journey commences with the filmmaker's grandmother, a solitary figure in Bangladesh, whose heart brims with recollections of a time when the family was united. Tragically, her visa plea to visit her grandchildren in Norway is denied, intensifying her yearning to reunite after over a decade of detachment. Will she ever reconnect with her beloved grandchildren?


The film interweaves threads of regret, nostalgia, and joy, portraying the intricate emotions linked with living distant from one's homeland. It narrates the ordeal of assimilation, the ache for cultural roots, and the quest for belonging. Through intimate storytelling, Opekkha encapsulates universal themes of anguish, hope, dreams, and the relentless march of time, striking a chord with diverse global audiences.


Director’s Statement:

"Opekkha" is an intimately personal documentary born from my own journey and emotional ties. As the director, my connection to these characters goes beyond subjects; they are cherished members of my own family.


Growing up in Bangladesh and reuniting with my aunt and cousins in Norway after prolonged separation transformed me profoundly. It illuminated the far-reaching impact of migration and distance on family ties. This realization ignited a fervent desire to explore these themes and shed light on the intricate emotions, challenges, and triumphs of migrants.


Our grandmother has been a constant presence in our lives, despite the miles. Her love and guidance have profoundly shaped us. The rejection of her visa application to visit her other two grandchildren and their new families in Norway shattered me. This pivotal moment impelled me to share her story alongside those of Sonia, Neil, and their families.



130,000 USD


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