Empowering Documentary Filmmakers: Dhaka Doc Lab’s Inaugural Impact Lab
Empowering Documentary Filmmakers: Dhaka Doc Lab’s Inaugural Impact Lab

Dhaka DocLab has decided to organise an impact lab for Bangladeshi filmmakers. Perspective Fund, a US based philanthropic organisation involved in supporting institutions globally who are amplifying effects of socially relevant filmmaking, is supporting the initiative financially. The first cohort comprises six Bangladeshi filmmakers. DDL is holding this program in collaboration with their Bangladeshi partner organisation Bengal Foundation. Institutions like Global Impact Producers Alliance(GIPA), Firelight Media House, Asian American Documentary Network(A-Doc) also will join this initiative as partner institutions.

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At the core of this groundbreaking initiative lie six visionary projects, each offering a unique lens into pressing societal issues, ranging from cultural narratives to climate change challenges. "Doprujhiri" by Asma Beethe sheds light on the water crisis faced by the Mro community in the hills, while "Song of Sunflower" by Abid Sarker Shohag chronicles the remarkable journey of a blind musician defying societal expectations. Meanwhile, "Waiting For Winter" by Farid Ahmed portrays the resilience of a homeless single mother fighting for dignity in adverse circumstances. "Pankauri" by Jafar Muhammad explores the impact of climate change on the northern region of Bangladesh, and "Aanda Story" by Shakhawat Hossen delves into the symbiotic relationship between man and nature, threatened by development and climate change. Lastly, "Embracing Fatherhood" by Partha Sen Gupta offers a poignant narrative of redefining fatherhood in the face of unexpected challenges. Guiding these filmmakers on their transformative journey are three distinguished mentors from the USA: Ximena Amescua Cuenca, Artist Programs Manager at Firelight Media Gerry Leonard, Steering Committee Member/Impact Initiative Co-Lead at the Asian American Documentary Network (A-Doc) Rahi Hasan, Filmmaker, Producer, and Core Group Member of the Undocumented Filmmakers Collective.


Following the lab, filmmakers will have two months to design impactful campaigns and prepare compelling pitch deck presentations. In September, they will present their pitches in an official session, poised to ignite change through the power of storytelling.