Bangladesh Cymru Climate Stories
Bangladesh Cymru Climate Stories


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Dhaka DocLab & Wales One World Film Festival recently implemented a project titled Bangladesh Cymru Climate Stories with support from British Council’s international collaboration program. Four short documentaries on climate change were produced through this project. Four emerging filmmakers from UK & Bangladesh already developed stories about how women of marginal communities are coping up the challenges of climate change in both countries. All these films were showcased recently in Bangladesh & UK as part of this project.


The four films are- • Duprujhiri by Asma Bethee from Bangladesh, is an observational film about an indigenous Mru community living in the hillside area of Bangladesh who are facing unprecedented challenges as their ‘jhiri’ (a creek spring) is losing its flow due to outside interference.


• Our Home, The sea by Mared Rees, Wales is a drama. Lara has built a life her daughter, Magi, with the sea at its heart, lived and explored in their mother tongue. However external forces push them ever closer to danger and their world begins to crumble around them.

• She Sells Shellfish by Lilly Tiger Tonkin, Wales, is an experimental short shot in black and white super 8. A collage of two Welsh women’s lives mixed with those of the archived past. A curious exploration of the female cockle gatherers of South Wales and the secrets shellfish and seaweed hold for our oceans’ health.

• Latika By Samsul Islam Shapoon, Bangladesh is set in a remote village on the banks of the river Chitra, Bangladesh, where families traditionally made a living by fishing with the aide of pet otters. Changes in climate and economic tides place immense pressure on this very old human-otter relationship. Dhaka DocLab has organized a screening program of these four films with the support of British council.