Director’s name: Istiak Mahmood Shaon, Bangladesh


From ‘Golden fiber’ to ‘Golden handshake’, Nostalgia and uncertainty of Jute mill people.



After Government of the people’s republic of Bangladesh decided to shut down all the government Jute mills, people who used to work on those jute mills in the city Khulna, which was called Industrial city of Bangladesh due to those Jute mills were in awe and started asking the most fundamental question of their life, which is: what’s next?

They don’t know when they’re supposed to get the money of their golden handshakes, they don’t know till when they can live on those utterly miserable houses they have lived for long. They don’t know what they are going to feed to their children on the coming month.

This is not about one or two factories, it’s about a whole industry, it’s about the end of an era. And uncertainty is the only word that could describe the situation of the people who used to work on that industry. This complex equation of ultra-poor life of the labors, fall of Gov’t jute mills, downgradient condition of connecting industries and installments, all of these are a very crucial part of the history of Bangladeshi economic transition and future of people.


Director’s statement:

Bangladesh started her journey with 78 Government operated Jute mills, 82 was the highest number of mills Bangladesh had in 1981. Majority of them were and still are in Khulna, which actually was the core reason to call Khulna as the industrial city. As a local resident, was born and brought up in this city, I have a soulful attachment with the different installments of the jute mills. Lots of relatives and friend’s family are directly related to the jute industry, for which I have literally grown up watching the working stamina of people in those mills.

Gradually jute mills went into private hands and a web of issues took place in labor management, production, profit-loss and international market. But the position of Gov’t jute mill labors fall into a very unique situation. With the constant privatization which ultimately made Gov’t slip the last 25 jute mills out of its hand this year created a standstill situation in Khulna and a transitory situation in the life of labor’s.

Producer’s profile:

Sabuj Miah, Producer of this project works as the Operation Manager in a multinational communication firm. Apart from being a charming and friendly character, he is credited the most for his excellent skills as a video editor, colorist and post production supervisor. He has massive experience in television shows, films and music videos.


Production status:

The project is on the very early stage of production. Research is done; updating the script, adjusting with the changing scenario after 1st July,2020.


Production plan:

Pre-production (development and research): June 2019 to December 2019

Some shooting was done in January and February of this year, I want to do post-production and complete the film within December 2021.



15000 USD


Contact Details

Email: istiak.shaon@yahoo.com