Echos Within

Echos Within

Echos Within

Director: Shakti Banik

Category: Development

Country: Bangladesh



Memories come alive as an ancestral house turns into a time portal, binding a father and son in a poetic dance that transcends generations.



"Echoes Within" is a poetic voyage through time, memory, and kinship, centered around our century-old

ancestral house—a timeless beacon of sunlight, bridging past and present. Departed souls and the living unite, revealing emotions and stories across generations. My father's bond with the house, my tender

memories, and my nephew's embodiment of the past create a delicate tapestry. Amidst mundane beauty, forgotten stories are cherished. In this hallowed abode, my father's life unfurls like an ancient manuscript, bathed in memory's gentle sunrays. Treasured moments resurface, intertwining with ancestral tales. Cemeteries illuminate memories, and the sacred temple of goddess Manasha stirs ancestral tales while familial festivities reclaim the past. Amidst change, an architectural model echoes time's impact. "Echoes

Within" is a celebration of family, memories, and the silent, profound father-son relationship— where words fade, and eternal bonds shine through.


Director's Statement

As a filmmaker, I'm driven to immortalize fading emotions, weaving together the fragments of time. The film's inception lies in my childhood as I delve into my father's cherished treasures. In my recent short documentary, I unraveled the profound bond between my father and his pen pal, transcending mere facts. It fuels my desire to bridge the past and the present, exploring the soulful connection me and my father share. As I revisit our ancestral house, each corner whispers forgotten tales, and relics echo the voices of eras past. My nephew, Shourjo, reflects my father's childhood and my own, an unbroken circle of tenderness. Through cinema's lens, past, present, and eternity merge into one poetic dance. Life, death, and existence's melodies resonate in this kaleidoscope unveiled by cinema. As the director, I embrace the sacred task to unite the scattered fragments of life's symphony. The veil between the past and present dissolves, and I emerge, humbled, as the custodian of this lyrical ode.



30,000 USD

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