Director,cinematographer:Rawyan Shayema,bangladesh

Director, cinematographer: Rawyan Shayema, Bangladesh

Logline: This 60mins anthology film will consist of 7 short character-driven documentaries during the pandemic for COVID-19.

Synopsis:  Each short documentary represents each character who is related to each other, knows each other and relatives of the filmmaker. Besides, here all the protagonists went through certain situations during this pandemic even sometimes they share the same places but the roles and their characteristics are different. As an omnibus film, the whole project aims to preserve the way of changing the situation towards a new  reality by compiling thoughts, stories, changes of different characters at a particular time and in a particular way.

This film shows the life of some simple people who are living life invisibly surrounding us and dying without being noticed, but these stories belong to every mile of Bangladesh which are untold, mundane and unnoticed in the representation of general conventional audiovisual in Bangladesh.

Director’s statement: The effects of the coronavirus pandemic are immersed in every type of industry but the way it shut down abruptly film and tv production. Countless productions, from big budget to indie fare, have halted around the globe. But that brings a blessing for BIPOC filmmakers like me who wear multiple hats like cinematographer, editor, producer and director. It’s been more than 5 months now that I have been in a lock-down situation and the limitation literally opened a new door for me to make films, especially on the humans surrounding me and their mundane untold life stories.

Despite from searching for new forms, It’s really important for me to capture and express the moments, memories, lives that people are ashamed to express, or hide from society & others, or feel unimportant to tell, or think as too mundane to capture! – But all of this is really important in this modern era of audiovisual when people are more into the electronic device, become a human-robot for earning money, when most of the people get happiness by buying product and shopping unnecessary trendy things, where the main goal is to go to the megacity and struggle to live a decent life, where’s no entertainment without the devices, where’s people things gimmicks and show up is the only lifestyle, when non fiction films means issue based, poverty porn or expository- I think it’s really important to portrays the mundane daily life and the simple story of it, that’s nobody feels the importance to capture.

Director/Producer’s Profile: Rawyan Shayema is a Bangladesh based self-sufficient BIPOC filmmaker & producer, studied in Film And Media at Stamford University Bangladesh. Since then she has been engaged in three feature fiction films in different sectors and worked as a cinematographer and editor in several documentaries and short films. The one-man-army approach to film-making, experimenting with forms & thoughts, simplicity & minimalistic presentation has accumulated her works as a Cult Following. Additionally, She is the founder of Art Haaat.

Production Plan

The Tentative Timeline of the film is the following: Production: March 2020 ongoing Post-production: January to May, 2021 Expecting date of completion: Mid of 2021


Budget: 60,000USD

Production Status: