Beyond the Biological Bond: Embracing Fatherhood

Beyond the Biological Bond: Embracing Fatherhood

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Director: Partha Sen Gupta

Category:  Development

           Country: Bangladesh




Navigating azoospermia (the absence of sperm in the semen), I form an unexpected bond with my wife's niece, redefining fatherhood and uncovering profound connections.



"Beyond the Biological Bond: Embracing Fatherhood" embarks on a profound and philosophical journey, reshaping my view of life and love. As a 39-year-old independent filmmaker from Dhaka, Bangladesh, I face an unexpected turn when diagnosed with azoospermia in the early 2020s, leaving me emotionally shaken and challenged in my desire for fatherhood with my beloved wife, Tandra. The film follows my journey with Bari (6), my wife's niece, navigating the impact of azoospermia on my life and artistry. While contending with unanticipated challenges, a profound shift in perspective impacts my love for storytelling, urging me to connect with those who defy social norms. Amidst vulnerability, Bari's innocence becomes a guiding light, inspiring me to redefine manhood and dispel infertility taboos through filmmaking. As aspirations waver due to my wife's distant job offer, I contemplate adopting Bari, sparking the quest to connect with her parents and express my deepest wishes.




Director’s statement


As the director of "Beyond the Biological Bond: Embracing Fatherhood" I am profoundly shaped by this personal and artistic journey. The film explores resiliency, relationships, and the complexities of fatherhood, reflecting my passion for storytelling and life-altering experiences.

I aim to showcase my enthusiasm for narrative and pivotal moments, intertwining them with the challenges of fatherhood and the impact of azoospermia, reshaping my perspective on parenting and unearthing suppressed emotions. Confronting the vulnerabilities of azoospermia becomes a journey of self-discovery, with my relationship with Bari, my wife's niece, serving as a profound inspiration.

Through this film, my goal is to advance awareness, spark critical discussions, and draw attention to a topic that is often undervalued and to my experience as an azoospermic man in a world dominated by men. The examination of the human experience is both tough and emotional, as it illuminates the genuine meaning of parenthood.

The film also aims to make a point about how society treats couples facing infertility, confronting unfair stigmatization and blame directed solely at women. Through "Metamorphic Connections," I portray the power of time spent with a child, reshaping human psychology, and making our lives more precious and peaceful in the modern world.

I strive to contribute to a compassionate world that embraces the true essence of parenthood, irrespective of the challenges faced. By sharing this personal journey, I hope to inspire empathy, appreciation, and a deeper connection with the transformative power of fatherhood and genuine human connections through the lens of my camera. The documentary paints a tapestry of emotions, weaving a compelling story that transcends societal boundaries and resonates with the essence of parenthood, inviting audiences on a transformative and thought-provoking voyage.



50,000 USD.


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